Location: Kolkata, India

GNSS.asia Industry Seminar held in Kolkata

Kolkata, India

After the successful GNSS.asia Round Table Meetings in June, the GNSS.asia India team organised an EU-India Industry Seminar in Kolkata. A total of 40 participants took part in the Seminar, including several prominent EU industry and institutional representatives.

The seminar started with a welcome speech by Chairman of the European Business Group (EBG) Federation, Mr. Raman Sidhu, who gave a brief overview of the EBG’s activities and the mandate of the Bangalore Chapter. Reinhard Blasi, Market Development Officer at the European GNSS Agency (GSA), continued with a keynote speech about Europe’s role in the global GNSS market. He presented an elaborate update on the European GNSS programmes EGNOS and Galileo, while highlighting their market potential and opportunities for international cooperation.

Reinhard Blasi, Market Development Officer at the GSA

GNSS.asia Coordinator Rainer Horn introduced the GNSS.asia platform and its objectives. In addition, he talked about GNSS trends in Asia and emphasised Europe’s commitment to multi-GNSS, an area in which many opportunities for international collaboration are rapidly materialising. Mr. Horn’s speech was complemented by GNSS.asia Project Leader for India, Varadarajan Krish, who focused on the achievements of the GNSS.asia India team and their upcoming activities.

Varadarajan Krish, GNSS.asia India Team Leader

After the break, GNSS expert Dr. Suresh Kibe gave an overview of the India GNSS market and the challenges it faces. The floor was then passed to Mansoor Ahmed, General Manager of the Airport Authority of India (AAI), whose presentation concerned the development of GAGAN and its latest uptake in the aviation sector.

Dr. Suresh Kibe (GNSS.asia)

The session continued with a collaborative success story from GNSS.asia, Drish, a GNSS-based monitoring solution which was developed by TeleOrbit (DE) and was adapted for the Indian market in cooperation with Elena Geo Systems (IN). The highlight of the session included the signing of a commercial licensing contract between the Drish team and Jindal Steel (IN). Furthermore, a panel discussion on GNSS applications in surveying and mining, two key economic areas in eastern India, offered interesting new insights.

Contract signing (TeleOrbit, Elena Geo System & Jindal Steel)

After the networking lunch, Dr. Günter Heinrichs (IFEN GmbH) spoke about GNSS innovation in agriculture and surveying, which was followed by a second panel discussion about GNSS solutions in the agricultural industry. Finally, Thorsten Rudolph (Managing Director of Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen - AZO) introduced the GNSS.asia Challenge and the unique opportunities it offers for the Indian GNSS community. The seminar was closed with a word of thanks by Varadarajan Krish (GNSS.asia).

Thorsten Rudolph, Managing Director AZO

EU-India Industry Tour

On the 8th of July, the seminar attendees were invited to join the GNSS.asia team on a series of targeted industry visits. DMT India was the first company site which was visited, where the EU-India delegation was welcomed by Managing Director Mr. Gunaseelan and several of his colleagues. Mr. Gunaseelan and his team highlighted the challenges and opportunities in mining industry, with a special focus on issues related to surveying requirements and GNSS-based precision mining. The industry tour was continued with a visit to Stesalit Systems, a high-end electronics engineering and manufacturing company. Director Hemant Khemka briefed the delegation about Stesalit’s GNSS-related product portfolio and explained the company’s plan to strengthen its ties with the European market.

EU-India delegation visit to DMT India

Next up on the agenda was the visit to the Geological Survey of India (GSI). Deputy Director General Mr. Raju discussed the challenges of accurate surveying in areas such as mineral resource exploitation, deep sea exploration and land slide monitoring. He continued with expressing GSI’s interest in participating to collaborative projects between the European and Indian surveying communities. Finally, the industry tour ended with a visit to the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI). Director Mr. S.V.K. Reddy informed the EU-India delegation about IWAI’s mandate and gave an overview of several of their ongoing projects in which waterway navigation and river information systems play crucial roles.

 Delegation visit and discussion at Geological Survey of India

Overall, the team received very positive feedback from European seminar participants, as well as from local stakeholders involved. The seminar and attached side meetings offered the participants ample networking opportunities and generated several interesting routes for increased cross-continental cooperation in GNSS, which the GNSS.asia team will follow up closely.

 Participants to the EU-India Industry Seminar

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