Location: Sufers Paradise, Australia

Workshop fosters EU-Australia GNSS cooperation

Sufers Paradise, Australia

Due to its unique economic and geopolitical conditions, Australia has traditionally been an early adopter of GNSS solutions. This has resulted in a growing number of sectors already relying on satellite-based services, a trend which is projected to continue and, in many sectors, accelerate. With Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) and multi-GNSS opportunities materialising swiftly, Australia is set to be at the forefront of GNSS application development and cooperation.

In this light, GNSS.asia organised a workshop at IGNSS 2015, the major Australian GNSS event which encompasses updates from the major system providers as well as plenary, concurrent and panel sessions, an interactive trade display and field demonstrations of the latest hardware and software from around the world. Aimed at facilitating cooperation in multi-GNSS and SBAS-based solutions, GNSS.asia was present to engage with the local GNSS industry and user community, offering unique cooperation opportunities via an extensive workshop.

The dedicated GNSS.asia Australia Workshop encompassd presentations by key industry players and institutional actors from both the EU and Australia. It offered in-depth discussions on a broad set of topics such as European GNSS (EGNSS) differentiators in multi-GNSS solutions, GNSS innovation in Europe, GNSS/SBAS solutions for Australian challenges and opportunities for EU-Australia GNSS partnerships. 

The workshop started with an opening address by GNSS.asia Coordinator Rainer Horn, who introduced the GNSS.asia platform. Dominique Hayes (European Commission) presented the latest status update on EGNOS and Galileo, highlighting the recent progress made and the opportunities for international cooperation. David Comby (French Interministerial Coordinator Delegate for GNSS Programmes) continued with presenting the views of the French authorities on the use and benefits of EGNSS services and applications. The first part of the workshop was closed by Rainer Horn and Chris Rizos (Multi-GNSS Asia), who jointly gave an overview of the priority areas for multi-GNSS cooperation between Australia and the EU.

GNSS.asia Coordinator Rainer Horn

After the break, which offered a great networking opporunity to the present participants, the workshop continued with a presentation on the GNSS.asia Challenge. This was followed by a number of short presentations by Australian and EU industry (GMV, Thales Alenia Space, GlobalPOS and Ovinto), who shared their experiences in GNSS cooperation. Finally, the workshop speakers participated in an interactive panel discussion, which triggered several extensive discussions and allowed for interaction with the audience.

Selected presentations are available via the IGNSS website:

  • D. Comby - EGNSS New applications and services: A priority of the French authorities (download)
  • D. Hayes - The Galileo and EGNOS Programmes (download)
  • R. Horn - GNSS.asia: Industrial Cooperation across Continents (download)

 David Comby (French Interministerial Coordinator Delegate for GNSS)

If you are looking for additional information about the GNSS.asia Australia Workshop or if you are interested in participating to one our future events, do not hesitate to mail to australia@gnss.asia.


GNSS.asia is funded by the European Union within Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, under grant agreement no 641615.