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European GNSS in a multi-GNSS environment


European GNSS (EGNSS) does not exist in an isolated environment. For many users, particularly those in the multi-GNSS hotspots of Asia-Pacific, much of the value of EGNSS will be in using it in combination with other systems. Here, Galileo can be used in combination with global systems such as GPS, Glonass and Beidou, and regional systems such as QZSS and IRNSS, to provide improved location information availability.

Galileo was designed to be interoperable with other systems such as GPS, and as such can offer easy integration into multi-GNSS solutions. With a increased number of potentially visible satellites, the availability of navigation information can be improved dramatically. This is particularly important in the large megacities of Asia-Pacific, where the presence of high-rise buildings can limit the visibility of individual GNSS constellations.

In addition, Galileo offers unique services, such as the global High Accuracy Service and Signal Authentication Service. Such services can be used to drive new applications, supplementing other regional initiatives and systems. Smart cities, improved logistics and fleet management, Internet-of-Things and mobility-on-demand are all key trends in Asia-Pacific which could be supported by the value-added services of Galileo.

As such, Galileo can offer key opportunities to the downstream market in the multi-GNSS hotspots of Asia-Pacific and across the world.