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As part of this, supports cooperation between the regions with a focus on chipset/receiver manufacturers and the downstream applications of positioning, navigation, and timing technologies. The project has supported over 80 businesses free of charge, with outreach to over 4,000 visitors at global events, and it has continuously promoted the benefits of European GNSS to industrial and institutional stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region.


What are the aims of

As the project has developed and evolved, our aims and objectives have evolved alongside it to match the innovation seen in the market, however, in 2021 we have three main objectives;

The primary aim of is to develop and implement industrial cooperation between the Global Navigation Satellite System industries of Europe and Asia-Pacific. has a long history of creating partnerships through industrial matchmaking and outreach events including workshops, industry seminars, delegation visits, and roundtables. Aside from industrial cooperation, we have supported institutional relations through our network of partners. We regularly support coordinate standardisation and cooperation efforts for our local institutional partners, as well as promoting the benefits of European GNSS as service enables and enhancers in the multi-GNSS hotspots of Asia-Pacific.

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A selection of industrial cooperation events held by in 2021

How can help you?

We offer a wide range of support to the European and Asian GNSS industries, with our European service offer covering networking & matchmaking support, dissemination & marketing support, and market entry support. The support we offer is adaptive, with support ranging from access to the newsletter, speaking slots at industry-related events, and even detailed market entry support such as the identification of business opportunities for your organisation.

If this is of interest to you, please contact the team at with the subject ‘industry support’ and the team will be happy to have a one-on-one interview to determine your needs.

Networking and Matchmaking Support – Introducing the Hub

In 2021, launched the Hub for Industrial Cooperation, a free of charge online networking platform that allows you to message and book direct meetings with key stakeholders from around the world. This platform not only allows you to book directly, but you can also organise interviews with the team from both Europe and Asia. Not only does this platform allow direct active matchmaking, if you create a profile you are also able to add marketplace offers, providing you with a direct path to advertising directly to the industry at your own page with a range of products, services, and partnership requests on the platform.

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Market Entry Support- Introducing our Market & Technology Trends

The GNSS Market & Technology Trends are a comprehensive source of knowledge and information on Asia’s diverse GNSS markets, with a focus on China, Korea, India, Japan, Taiwan, and Australasia. These market trends are released twice a year and cover a deep dive into topics in both the upstream and downstream GNSS industries across the region, covering everything from the development of new indigenous satellite navigation constellations through to new and innovative uses of GNSS for topics such as fighting wildfires.

Edition four of the Market and Technology Trends report was just published at the beginning of December and will keep you in the loop for all the recent developments in the Asian GNSS domain. We covered details about South Korea’s GNSS project, how Australia is strengthening its foothold in the space sector with the help of GNSS and the new addition to the QZSS constellation.

Download Edition Four

Edition one covered topics such as the formation of a new space regulatory organisation in India, Taiwan’s national space development long-term plan, and information on the upcoming Korean SBAS design and feasibility study.

Download Edition One

Edition two covers the development of Taiwanese and Korean domestic satellite supply chains, the upcoming Australia-New Zealand SBAS, China’s BeiDou’s core constellation’s full deployment, and much more.

Download Edition Two


Edition three of the Market and Technology Trends report covered topics such as the Korean “Digital New Deal initiative”, Australia upgrading its GNSS Ground infrastructure, and GNSS driving innovation in Taiwan.

Download Edition Three

GNSS Market Intelligence – Introducing the market profiles 

Selecting a market to enter can be a daunting task, especially for European SMEs looking to expand globally. In order to combat this, we have created a series of market profiles that cover the GNSS landscape in the Asia-Pacific region, including a market overview, key opportunities in each of the downstream applications, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats specific to the region, key stakeholders, and even information on the region’s contributions to multi-GNSS in Asia.

Market Profiles

Introducing the Soft Landing Programme

As part of our service offer, we also are running the Soft Landing Programme, a programme designed to empower European start-ups to access markets globally and stay competitive in the ever-evolving environment. This year, we are supporting 6 of Europe’s boldest GNSS start-ups as they begin an ecosystem exploration mission in Asia-Pacific in 2021. We provide intensive mentorship, an ecosystem exploration mission, and workshops and training to assist in their internationalisation efforts.

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