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Facilitating institutional relationships has a proven track record in supporting relationship development between key institutional actors in Europe and Asia-Pacific. The local partners of have well-established contacts to Asian public bodies, including government representatives and national development agencies. For instance, previous relationship-building efforts include:

  • India: ISRO, GAGAN
  • China: European Chamber of Commerce China
  • Taiwan: Ministry of Economic Affairs, European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan
  • Japan: Japan Cabinet Office, JAXA, SPAC, ENRI, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
  • South Korea: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, KARI, IPNT

These institutional partnerships have been consolidated via bilateral dialogues and delegations trips with members of the European Commission and the European GNSS Agency. Some of these offer opportunities for industry to participate, such as by on-site hosting during a foreign delegation visit.’s efforts in the region have led to increased cooperation, signified for example by the signing of the EU-Japan Cooperation Arrangement on Satellite Positioning Applications in 2017.