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Vulcanus in Japan offers internship opportunities for EU/COSME students

15 / 01 / 2020
Vulcanus in Japan offers internship opportunities for EU/COSME students

Are you an EU/COSME student who would like to have an internship in the area of GNSS in Japan? Then this opportunity is for you! Before the 20th of January, apply for one of the open positions, and perhaps you will soon end up in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Mission Analysis for commercial spacecraft lunar missions at ispace inc
ispace is a Japanese start-up with offices in Tokyo, Luxembourg and USA that aims to provide lunar transportation and exploration services. The applicant will join the Mission Analysis and Flight Dynamics Group at ispace (Tokyo office) for the duration of the program to support the development of our lunar lander mission. He/she will collaborate in one or several tasks depending on experience and interest: – Launch and Early Operation Phase analysis – Earth to Moon transfer analysis and design – Lunar orbit design and station-keeping – Landing trajectory analysis and design – Landing site analysis and selection – Navigation analysis and stochastic delta-v calculation – Flight Dynamics operations preparation.
Requirements: current Master or Doctoral degree in Aerospace engineering or similar Astrodynamics/orbital dynamics; programming skills – Python/Matlab/c++; fluent English.

Embedded Software for Autonomous Control Systems at Hitachi Ltd, Research & Development Group
Research activity on autonomous control systems design methodology, e.g. self-driving system.
Requirements: current Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral degree in Embedded Software, Cyber-Physical Systems, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Software Product Line Engineering, Self-Adaptive Systems; fluent English.

Development of Vehicle Dynamics Control for Autonomous Driving at Hitachi Ltd, Research & Development Group
Development and evaluation of control systems for ADAS and Automated driving system based on information from cameras, radars, map data, and so on. Vehicle dynamics control and/or actuator (steering, brake, damper) control/development based on a model to appropriately follow the command from a driver input or an upper-layer controller such as ADAS or AD controller. In consideration of your request, research theme in charge will be decided.
Requirements: current Master, or Doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering, Control System Design, Mechatronics, Vehicle System, Autonomous Driving, Advanced Driver Assistance System, Vehicle Dynamics; programming skills – MATLAB/Simulink or C/C++; fluent English.

For more information regarding the application process and selection criteria, click here.

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