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DDK Positioning – Innovative positioning technology

31 / 08 / 2021 Editorial Team
This blog post is brought to you by the Editorial Team from Brussels and Munich!
DDK Positioning – Innovative positioning technology
Start Ups has welcomed six promising and ambitious start-ups to their support programme this year. The programme will help them to gain a foothold in the Asian market and connect the needs of our community with the solutions they offer. This week, we are glad to introduce DDK Positioning to you!

GNSS data finds applications in many areas, for instance in the agriculture, maritime or critical infrastructure domain. The benefits and application possibilities of location data are endless. But, those applications can only work as accurately as the data they are being fed with. DDK Positioning therefore offers a GNSS augmentation service that enhances the many benefits of using GNSS location data by significantly increasing accuracy, availability and reliability. Their product allows for the management of communication outages for 10 minutes. Moreover, the start-up is the only provider on the market that offers truly independent and global services, which

makes them stand-out from competitors. DDK Positioning achieve independence through the use of Iridium’s satellite network. The satellite telecommunications giant has already recognised the potential that DDK Positioning offers and has made a strategic investment into the start-up in May 2021. Iridium has grounded their interest in the expected potential of augmentation services since they are projected to account for €65 billion in global GNSS market revenue by 2029. Apart from this big vote of confidence, the DDK positioning solution has proven as being robust and resilient and has shown to improve accuracy to less than 5cm. Furthermore, DDK Positioning is especially suited to provide reliable services in areas on sea and land where no LTE network exists.

What DDK Positioning offers
What DDK Positioning is looking for
  • Improved accuracy, reliability and availability of GNSS data
  • Reduced risk of spoofing or signal disruption
  • Eliminates need for expensive reference stations or other infrastructure
  • IoT device providers who would like to integrate the solution of DDK Positioning
  • Companies operating offshore who need a GNSS augmentation service
  • Any other company in need of high-precision positioning products and services

DDK Positioning offers a product as well as a service. Their hardware product consists of an integrated mobile receiver that is able to receive their augmented data exclusively through the Iridium satellite communications network. The product was initially built using only GPS and Galileo, however, they have now established a solution with access to a multi constellation GNSS positioning network. Galileo plays an integral part in this network, as it has increased the accuracy of the service significantly. In order to process all available GNSS constellations, they use GNSS receivers and antennas.

The highly skilled team of DDK Positioning consists of 13 people who are all eager to work together with the client in order to find individual solutions that suit them best. With every team member having at least 15 years of experience in their respective field, DDK Positioning has a strong business, finance, and project management skill set to draw on. Not to mention, that they provide extensive experience in developing, making and using GNSS systems and GNSS augmentation systems globally!


Video Introduction


Application Field



Milestones & Achievements

Kevin Gaffney, Founder & CEO Aberdeen, UK

Exeter, UK


Founded: 2016


2017 – Acceptance to the Elevator Accelerator Programme

2017 – Winner of the Elevator Innovation Award

2019 – Awarded the ESA NAViSP Development Project funding

2019 – Acceptance to the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Ventures Programme


2021 – Strategic investment by Iridium Communications Inc.

Contact DDK Positioning

If you have questions for the founders or are curious to know more, drop by the DDK Positioning website and write them an e-mail or have a look at their social media channels.

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