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Loctio – Democratising precise location capabilities for IoT devices

31 / 05 / 2021 Editorial Team
This blog post is brought to you by the Editorial Team from Brussels and Munich!
Loctio – Democratising precise location capabilities for IoT devices
Start Ups has welcomed six promising and ambitious start-ups to its soft-landing programme this year. Their solutions range from high-accuracy GNSS over IoT devices to smart mobility.  The soft-landing programme will help them to venture into markets in Asia-Pacific to drive industrial cooperation across contintents and connect the needs of our community with the solutions they offer. Every two weeks a new start-up will be featured on the Innovation Blog starting today!

Democratising precise location capabilities for IoT devices

Large-scale connectivity is becoming a reality through a rapid increase in IoT devices for industry and private applications alike. Through using GNSS location data, these devices receive even more functionality, but the processing of location data is greedy for energy. Although the other components of IoT devices have become ultra-low power, location data still takes up a huge chunk of their battery.

Loctio offers a solution that increases power efficiency, reduces costs and provides smart location. Loctio’s solution combines a snapshot GNSS receiver which shortens the interval of signal sampling significantly with Cloud/Edge GNSS signal processing. This results in up to 98% of GNSS power reduction, less expensive GNSS IoT sensors and edge device designs and the enabling of fusion with assistive positioning technologies such as 5G or Low Earth Orbit satellites positioning.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is “moving from hype to reality” as Loctio likes to say and their solution will be a game changer for asset & livestock tracking, smart cities, factory automation, and wearables, among others.


What Loctio offers
What Loctio is looking for
  • Unprecedented power efficiency gains of IoT devices
  • Significant cost reductions through increased battery maintenance time
  • Advanced location techniques through combination of GNSS and 5G data
  • Customer Feedback from chip makers and telecom providers
  • Partners for a Pilot Project in Asia-Pacific
  • Supporters who believe in Loctio


The founding team of Loctio offers a blend of industry and academia expertise and was combined in their mission to improve the possibilities of IoT devices. The Athens-based start-up has already managed to raise half a million euros in their pre-seed financing round and was awarded the I4MS-SAE Quality label for ESGR TTX experiments. This is the second start-up endeavour for CEO Lazaros Kapsias, the first one ended up in a successful acquisition back in 2014 (his company Antcor was acquired by u-blox AG). While he was working for u-blox he came across a market pain not remediated by the current product lines. To solve the problem, he brought together a team of experts, now Loctio, with whom he had been working in both Antcor and u-blox. However, some crucial puzzle pieces were still missing. The Loctio team traced an academic lab in Barcelona led by Gonzalo & Jose, two professors that have spent the last 15 years of their professional lives with that exact technology Loctio needed. It was only a matter of time for Lazaros to fly to Barcelona, invite and integrate both in the company, to form the successful start-up Loctio as it is now.



Video Introduction

Application Field



Milestones & Achievements

Lazaros Kapsias (CEO)

Christos Makiyama (DBD)

Athens, Greece


Founded: 2019

Awards: I4MS-SAE Quality label for ESGR TTX experiment

Funding: 0.5M euros raised in pre-seed financing round

Contact Loctio

If you have questions for the founders or are curious to know more, drop by Loctio’s website and write them an e-mail or have a look at their social media channels.


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